Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Laser yang dipakai Supporter Malaysia

Green Laser Pointer 30mw sinarnya 60kali lebih kuat daripada Laser merah, bisa mencapai lebih dari 1 KiloMeter di kondisi gelap seperti malam hari, Goa , Terowongan, sangat berguna untuk para profesional atau untuk tujuan serbaguna lainnya seperti object pointer yang jauh, Hutan, shooting softgun target , dll. , Jalur garis sinarnya dapat dilihat di kondisi gelap seperti benang ---------
green laser Power 30mw Menggunakan 2 AAA+ battery

These green laser pointers are absolutely amazing! This is one of the best green laser pointers out there. Its quality is unsurpassed! And so many uses:

* Professional Presentations
* Astronomers pointing out constellations and stars in the night sky
* Birdwatching
* Tour Guides
* Construction engineers and workers pointing out points of interest on a project
* Camping
* Hiking

* Cheating in AFF Final. (Malay Supporters only)

This is an AMAZING survival tool. It's beam is so strong, rescuers and search personnel could spot you from 2 miles away if you were ever lost. The actual beam is visible in darkness - it looks AWESOME!! You'll want one for every vehicle and one to store with your camping gear.
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